Shadowrun: Disconnected Vignettes

Job III: Initech

Free ExoDat!

The party was contacted to meet at a Downtown club called Depth Charge, where an ork named Bori served as a liaison to a mysterious hacker who went by Drozer. Drozer contracted the group to break into an Initech facility in Bellvue, to reconnect a device to the Matrix. Though he could not tell them which device, he provided an access ID that would confirm the device once found. He offered 8000 nuyen each.

The gang, this time consisting of Yokai, Soleil Levante, Snoop, and J.R., took the job and set about scoping out the place, with the help of Orochi. Initech turned out to be a subsidiary of NeoNET, and worked with boring computer databases and Matrix sculpting. It was determined that the site had round-the-clock spider security, but little else on-site. Yokai infiltrated the Matrix network of the lab, deftly avoiding confrontation with the Sharkticon IC that was patrolling the user personas. She was able to identify the best time to break in, and to gain admin access to the security node.

After some unnecessary infiltration, Snoop set up his rifle atop a nearby building, drawing a bead on the security rigger through the mirrored window-walls. Yokai, ensconced safely in Orochi’s rigger cocoon, prepared a Matrix assault. J.R. and Soleil, J.R. under cover of an Invisibility spell and Soleil using a chameleon suit, gained access to the first floor’s emergency escape and ascended to the seventh floor, the Initech lab. Orochi ran interference with local drone patrols.

While Yokai popped the door for the infiltration team, Snoop opened (silenced) fire on the rigger. The windows were tougher than anticipated, however, and the on-site hacker barely managed to stay conscious, sending an automated alert (which Yokai quashed) and diving out of his room directly into the path of Soleil and J.R. Between them, they dropped him and took out his security drone, though not before shots were fired.

With Yokai tying up calls out to Knight Errant, Soleil and J.R. set about searching the facility for the device. They found, in a secure lab, a computer server whose wireless capabilities had been physically removed. At Yokai’s advising, J.R. grabbed the spider’s commlink and used it to manually slave the server through the ’link to grant it wireless Matrix access.

Yokai then met the true target of the run: an AI named ExoDat. He had been imprisoned by Initech, and Drozer had hired the team to free him. Almost immediately, Yokai was warned by Drozer that the team needed to exfiltrate ASAP, and unleashed a catastrophic virus on the facility. The team left, and collected their payday. Though no one was killed, the news report later indicated one man had been killed and two more left in critical condition. At this time, it is presumed but not known that the victims were responsible for ExoDat’s imprisonment and were dealt a double serving of justice.


Awesome writeup! :D

Job III: Initech

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