Elf Technomancer


425/425 BP
Race: Elf
Positive Qualities: Technomancer (5 BP), Erased (5 BP), Paragon 01 (5 BP)
Negative Qualities: Incompetent [Survival] (5 BP), Media Junkie (10 BP), Spiritbane [Beast Spirits] (+10 BP)

Attributes (200/200 BP)
3 3 2 2 5 5 5 5

Essence: 6
Initiative: 7
Initiative Passes: 1
Edge: 2
Resonance: 5
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 11

Paragon: +1 die for compiling and registering spirits of any type, must spend 2 points of Edge to negate a glitch or downgrade a critical glitch

Forms and Personal
Personal Commlink [Response 5 (6), Signal 3, System 5, Firewall 5]
Armor [Rating 4]
Attack [Rating 4]
Exploit [Rating 4]
Spoof [Rating 4]
Stealth [Rating 4]
Biofeedback Filter [Rating 5]

Active Skills
Computer 4
Data Search 4
Hardware 4
Software 4
Hacking 4
Cybercombat 4
Electronic Warfare 4
Perception 2
Pistols 2
Dodge 2
First Aid 1

Knowledge Skills
Comic Books 5
Data Havens 4
Popular Culture 3
Music (Nippon Glam +2) 2
Artificial Intelligence 5
Matrix Theory 3
Operating Systems 3
Corporate Matrix Security 3

Japanese N
English 2

Armor Vest
Ares Predator Heavy Pistol [w/ Concealable Holster, Laser Sight, Silencer, Smartgun System, Gel Rounds x10, Regular Ammo x100]
Fake SIN [Rating 4]
Fake Gun License [Rating 4]
Low Lifestyle
Meta Link Commlink [w/ Vector Xim OS, Datachips x10]
Glasses [w/ Flare Compensation, Low-Light Vision]
Medkit [Rating 6]

Fixer – Adele Washington [Connection 3, Loyalty 2] (Free)
Blogger – Kuri Kito [Connection 2, Loyalty 3]
Corporate Scientist – Cherlyn Machesky [Connection 3, Loyalty 2]


All your life you knew the Corporation. They were family just as much as your parents and your siblings were. You were educated in their private institutions and went on to become a teacher yourself. For most of your life you found matrix theory easy to understand, so it was natural to focus in that area of expertise.

//The Crash
When the Matrix Crash of 2064 hit, you were one of the many trapped within the Matrix for a long period of time. During this period of time, you accessed vast amounts of data through a combination of hacking and blind luck. Once rescued, you found a deeper connection and understanding of the Matrix. This belief slowly changed your previously blind loyal corporate loyalty and you found yourself hacking in your spare time.

It wouldn’t be until 2068 that you fully emerged as something different. Your skills with the Matrix had gone far beyond what you knew to be normal, and your requirement for a commlink had slowly faded away. Both amazed and terrified at this change, you thought to maintain your day-to-day life, only stretching your powers in private.

Unfortunately, you learned the hard way that the Corporation wasn’t truly family. A secret program designed to sniff out your kind caught onto you and sought to harness it for their benefit. Secluded into a special research facility for two years, you were subjected to daily tests and scans as they attempted to understand this rare power.

//The Shadows
When technomancers became subject to the public eye in 2070, various Corporations were forced to own up to their secret projects. In an effort to wash their hands of the atrocities that has been committed, you were reinstated as a teacher, free to return to your normal life (along with a fat buyout offer). You had other ideas however and, through a combination of personal ability and skilled connections, wiped clean all records of yourself and escaped. Now, living as a SINless member of Seattle, you run in the shadows of corrupt corporations, using your emerged skills for profit and vendetta; knowing full well that all Corporations are the same, regardless of logos.


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